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Quick Update

OK, I've finally posted some of the photos (thanks to Starr) and time lapse videos from the last gathering, check them out. (There is another photo set coming and will be added soon.)

We are organizing art and artists for gathering three. Details and flyers will be released in the next day or two. Thanks for your patience.

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factory from air

iom is the working title for an art (site/sound) collective.

iom is focused on experience. iom believes your life is but a cherishable experience and would love to be able to assist in the augmentation of that experience here on this planet through the use and abuse of auditory and visual stimuli.

More specifically iom is interested in developing the concept of "xenexperience". The idea that creating a foreign or alien environment can kick-start your individual creative thought patterns in our participants.

iom leaves it up to you to figure out the rest.

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