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Gathering 3 - Post Mortem

I had a great time at gathering three, everything went off without a hitch. Thanks to the DJs for putting together some of the best sets we've had yet.

The turn-out again was way below what I would call a success for a large format dance-oriented party, though lots of great folks came out and had a good time. The right kind of crowd just isn't tuning into what's going on here... or perhaps nothing is going on here. So, I am holding off on having wanna-be-large parties for the time being. Until I can get a better space/location, get the troops rallied, or get the ability to publicize the event. As my current constraints are - it's not worth trying to continue this with the same format.

I will however be holding small (ten or less) private gatherings over the next several months. Please let me know if you would be interested in attending something like that. I will also be putting up timelapse videos and other event artifacts soon. Thanks again to all who came and helped out. Cheers.

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Gathering 3 - Release

october iom flyer

Line up, details and flyers have been ironed out for iom 3. Catharsis is the new guest, who will be bringing some throbbing and gritty techno, rhythmic industrial, etc.. this guy knows his stuff. We may even have subwoofers this time...

Different flyer sizes are available in the gatherings section. Help get the word out!

Remember: this is a friends / friends of friends event. Please keep this quiet, but let all interested people know!

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factory from air

iom is the working title for an art (site/sound) collective.

iom is focused on experience. iom believes your life is but a cherishable experience and would love to be able to assist in the augmentation of that experience here on this planet through the use and abuse of auditory and visual stimuli.

More specifically iom is interested in developing the concept of "xenexperience". The idea that creating a foreign or alien environment can kick-start your individual creative thought patterns in our participants.

iom leaves it up to you to figure out the rest.

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