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Upon my leaving the Factory in Oakland and moving my home to San Francisco I've lost the ability to have parties at my place. There may be some small ones/DJ workshops at my new place, but we'll have to see - (HQ-less) iom is mostly on hiatus right now. We are planning on starting up a monthly event a small-ish bar/club in San Francisco. And from there doing one-off parties around the bay area at various locations. Of course the goal is to have a permanent space (perhaps south-ish/soma SF later this year) for the creation of art and holding gatherings again. Any further developments will be documented here. As always: if you like our vibe and are interested in working with us in some way - please let us know. Thank you for your continued interest.

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factory from air

iom is the working title for an art (site/sound) collective.

iom is focused on experience. iom believes your life is but a cherishable experience and would love to be able to assist in the augmentation of that experience here on this planet through the use and abuse of auditory and visual stimuli.

More specifically iom is interested in developing the concept of "xenexperience". The idea that creating a foreign or alien environment can kick-start your individual creative thought patterns in our participants.

iom leaves it up to you to figure out the rest.

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